Mothers Day 2024: Top tips to elevate your gifts

This Mother’s Day, take your vino and bubbly pressie game to the next level with these one-of-a-kind wrapping ideas that’ll suit any special occasion

As Mother’s Day 2024 approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for Mum. And if she’s a wine lover, what better way to surprise her than with a bottle of her favourite vino or bubbly? But don’t just hand it over in a plain paper bag. Elevate your gift-giving game with these unique and creative wrapping ideas that will make the entire experience memorable.

Not all of us at Eight at the Gate are good at wrapping but our Meg is! She believes that a beautifully presented gift shows how much you care about the recipient even before they see what’s inside. And with these wine-wrapping techniques, you can add a personal touch to your present that will impress your Mumma.

One of our favourite ideas is the traditional furoshiki technique. 

This involves using a cloth to wrap your gift, and it’s both practical and stylish. Choose a new tea towel that Mum will love and use it to wrap the bottle. Simply place the bottle on the bottom section of the tea towel, slightly to one side, roll tightly then twist the excess at the top and secure it in place. Add a sprig of flowers or herbs. Not only will she appreciate the cleverness of your gift-wrapping, but she’ll also get a lovely new tea towel out of the deal – two gifts in one!

If you’re looking for a more polished appearance, tissue paper could be the answer.

Choose colours that match Mum’s taste, layer the sheets around the bottle, use some double sided tape to hold in place and finish off by gently twisting the excess paper at the top to create an artistic shape. Add some ribbon or twine to secure everything in place, and you’ll have a simple yet sophisticated presentation.

For a more rustic approach let’s talk about using kraft paper.

This paper adds a touch of earthy charm to any gift, and it’s perfect for wine bottles. Simply wrap the bottle in the kraft paper and add an elegant flourish at the top. You can use a ribbon, twine, or even a sprig of flowers to give it that extra special touch.

Meg took it up a notch with a custom wax seal on the swing tag but a hand drawn heart or flower will add a similar personal touch. So why not take inspiration from these creative ideas and create a stunning presentation for your Mum this Mother’s Day? She’ll appreciate the effort you’ve put into the gift wrapping as much as the bottle of wine itself.

So go ahead, get creative, and spread the word about these beautiful wine-wrapping techniques. 

Cheers to all the marvellous Mums out there!

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