Guess who won a global blind Chardonnay tasting?

Chardonnay winner

Well this was a little bit exciting! Or in Dr Horkey’s words “just exceptional”😊πŸ₯‚

We love a good blind tasting competition, especially a blind tasting hosted by one of our favourite wine reviewers, Dr. Matthew Horkey! If you haven’t been introduced to Dr. Matthew Horkey, here is a little background. He is a wine writer, YouTuber, and all-around entertainer. Recently, he conducted a blind tasting of chardonnays from around the world that range between the price point of $36-$100 AUD per bottle.

Our Family Selection Chardonnay Single Vineyard 2019 was in the lineup for this special tasting, along with wines from South Africa, Israel, Napa Valley, and Burgundy, France. The best thing about blind tastings is that bias is eliminated. The wine is judged by taste and structure rather than region or producer. So it’s being judged purely on quality. 🍷

We were thrilled to be named the best wine in this incredible lineup, especially against a Premier Cru White Burgundy.
Pretty Cool πŸ˜‰

Spoiler alert
we are wine number 1, tasted at 3.40. min in and revealed at 12.30.

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