Winter is time for some vineyard restructuring

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This is the time of year we restructure a few things in the vineyard.
To ensure our Cabernet Sauvignon vines are in complete balance to grow the best fruit possible it is time for some vines to get the chop!
We need to remove the “arms” of the vine. Then we can re-wrap fresh canes to create a new vine structure.
We will do this in small sections every year until we finish the job.
We use hydraulic loppers to cut the arms off the vine then the kids help to clean up the mess left behind ????
Anti fungal spray is used to make sure the open wounds are not susceptible to disease.
After cleanup we run a new cordon wire and wrap 2 new canes on either side of the trunk. The result is a new fruit zone!

It is not a job that needs to be done every year but after trialling it for a few years in small sections we are very pleased with the results.
Claire explains the process and our “helpers” are getting it done! ????

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