Jane Richards and her unusual backstory

Jane Richards and The Duchess

One of our Co-Owners, Jane Richards and her unusual backstory, was the topic of conversation on a recent Radio Show.

Steve Davis of Talked about Marketing tells of Jane’s in what he calls an “intriguing background story of yet another South Australian small business person” .

Steve and Jane Richards met some years ago in the Adelaide business scene.

In this interview with Richard Pascoe, Steve shares some intriguing highlights (and some low moments) that Jane has experienced. As Steve says “It’s yet another fascinating glimpse into the tapestry of life experience upon which our small business sector is built.”

Steve Davis is the founder of Talked About Marketing. He has a passion for supporting South Australia both through his marketing workshops and consulting. He also shines light on these stories so through his passion project, The Adelaide Show Podcast, which has built a loyal audience and been a finalist in the national podcast awards. Throughout Steve’s 20+ years as a marketing communication consultant and creative director, he has drawn on his background in radio, journalism, and theatre, to create content that gets his clients “talked about”.

He also featured our wine in his podcast a while ago, here if you missed it.

Steve is a great supporter of Eight at the Gate’s wines and his favourite is our Cabernet Shiraz. Cheers Steve! 🍷

You can find the FiveAA segment below and whilst it is Steve’s interpretation, it is mostly all true! Jane learnt alot along the way and was very happy to bring her kids back to Wrattonbully and embark on their next adventure.

She did get to meet some very interesting people along the way. 😉

As they say “that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”! Or in Eight at the Gate’s case, makes the wine taste better! 🥂

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