Wine Chats Podcast and Eight at the Gate

Wine Chats Podcast

Eight at the Gate recently sponsored an episode of the hilarious Wine Chats Podcast.

Bildo and Lindalin are the hosts of Wine Chats Podcast. They are not sommeliers but refuse to see that as a flaw! These girls are every day people who order the house white with pride.

They spend about 40 mins each week, offering their honest opinions about marriage, sex, relationships, parenthood, as well as the week’s top talking points.

To improve their listeners wine knowledge, in each episode they also include a wine fun fact.

In this episode Bildo and Lindalin discuss funny stories that will make you cringe, all whilst enjoying a bottle of our Eight at the Gate 2013 Cabernet Shiraz.

The good news is that this is the first time they have tried an aged wine, so we are very excited to introduce a new tasting experience to these hilarious ladies!

About the Creators

Bildo is dubbed ‘The Dreamer’, as she is constantly off with the fairies coming up with new and exciting directions for Wine Chats.

Lindalin, ever ‘The Realist’, is the organised one and gives Wine Chats direction by actually making things happen. Lindalin knows exactly what is going on and when, which is handy for a fairy-following-Bildo.

Check out this podcast here below! Language warning 😉

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